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LIBRE - Pantera
The purpose of this construction was to create a high-performance Intermediate-DePower Kite with easy handling. The PANTERA surprises in handling through a big DePower-Area and a lot of performance for a beginner-Kite.

Available in sizes 6.5, 9.0 und 12.0.
LSVA Pantera
0650 Pantera 6.5 Kite Only
0900 Pantera 9.0 Kite Only
1200 Pantera 12.0 Kite Only
  Pantera 15.0 Kite Only
0651 Pantera 6.5 Ready to Fly
0901 Pantera 9.0 Ready to Fly
1201 Pantera 12.0 Ready to Fly
  Pantera 15.0 Ready to Fly
0100 Depower Bar Pantera
0200 Depower Bar Pantera
rtf with 25m lines
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