I started sailing with my Dad in the early 50’s around the bays near Galveston, Texas. I raced sloops as a teenager up and down the Gulf Coast of Texas. Moved to Oregon in the 70’s and started racing 18ft Catamarans and was very successful, winning the District Championships the first year I started in 1977 and continuing the winning streak until I retired from the circuit in 1984. Lake Chelan Sailing Regatta was a high light, winning the 25th annual X-class Mutli-hull event.  Living in the North West downhill mountain biking caught my attention for a few years with runs down Squaw Valleys K-2, North Star and Ski Bowl in Oregon to mention a few. I started to fly those two line stunt kites in the late 80’s and looked at the ski the beach thing , but when I saw Dave Lord go down the beach and back up in 1994 I was hooked on buggying. Note, started building 31 foot F9AX trimaran in 1995 still working on that project. We  race each others buggy, every time we hit the beach, and I usually win my share, but the last and most notable win was at SBBB where we won the Team Enduro Race.  So look for me at my stomping grounds, Sunset Beach, or Ivanpah dry Lake, or Galveston or up and down the coast of California, or give me a shout and I will help you get started on a great adventure.

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Jon Ellis
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