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LIBRE - Truck
The Truck is the bigfoot version of the V-Max that will roll over just about anything with slick or knobbly tires. It offers the stability of a race designed buggy, but is able to cope with much softer sand or earth with beefed up axle and big wheels. Includes a 135cm axle and truck bigfoot standard wheels.
  • For pilots who prefer driving on soft sand or on bumpy grass land. 3 broad moon wheels prevent sinking into the sand and soften unevenness on grass land better. The wheels can be ordered as slicks or with studs alternatively and can be bought single for the equipment of other buggies, too.
  • Back axle 135 cm
  • 20 mm Ø back wheel bolt

    LBT 1000  $1293.50 MSRP
    Please call (360) 225-6772 or email for KBSS Special Pricing & Ordering

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